Cyprus the healing island of the gods

"In this contemporary age, and in the wake of emerging advancements in biomedical treatments, consciousness-based medicine and alternative therapies have relationally become more of a popular choice for those tackling both physical and mental disorders that have not responded well to more traditional treatments. 

At Namaskar Institute, we believe that a focus on personal development and direct self-discovery for the holistic and long-term healing of the body, mind and soul can provide individuals with life-long methods to help bring about balance, power and light back into the lives of those who may have been beginning to lose hope. Scientific research has suggested that the mind plays an ever increasing role in healing our body and helping us to stay healthy over other more artificial methods. 

That is why we have launched our holistic self-discovery seminars in beautiful Cyprus to allow you to begin to see that your physical ailments do not define you — they can be conquered through a range of alternative treatments including Chinese medicine, acupuncture and acupressure, alternative medicine such as homeopathy and herbal remedies, manual therapies including osteopathy and reflexology and mind-body therapies including hypnosis and spiritual healing. Pain needn’t be chronic — we work with you to address the underlying habits that perpetuate patterns and causes of imbalance in the mind and body and that fundamentally cause the pain we feel. No paint is permanent. While the medical world treat these three components of us as separate entities, we see them as complexly intertwined and in order to heal one, the others have to also be in perfect harmony. We offer solutions for depression, mental and physical complaints in alternative areas and see pain as treatable and manageable. Designed for those at the beginning of their journey of self-discovery, teachers, couples, friends or groups, our seminars are catered to your individual needs in order to guide you towards understanding and implementing the practices that are best for overall long-term healing and health.

Held on the blissful, sunshine island of Cyprus, which is growing in popularity as a destination for medical tourism, our seminars place the joy of a holiday and the promotion of natural healing, hand-in-hand. It is a time to relax and focus on oneself which has scientifically been found to be conducive to a pure form of healing. The seminars will take place around various locations on the island, chosen specifically for their calming and relaxing atmospheres, hoping to help you realise the restorative healing powers of connecting with those around you, with oneself and exposing yourself to the natural elements of the Mediterranean. One of our particularly favourite locations is Baracas Lounge Bar which offers amazing seafront vistas and arguably one of the best viewpoints of the Paphos sunset, providing a wonderful setting for group sessions and working towards a plan of natural healing.

Increasingly, the focus on pain management is shifting from being disease-focused to healing-oriented, encouraging individuals to form a lifestyle aimed towards establishing a sense of “well-being” with a range of mind-body practices that help us understand the psychological reasons for chronic pain rather than searching for a definitive cure that may not always be attainable. Often referred to as integrative medicine or complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), these methods seek to address the underlying causes of pain, through your inner child and psyche that begin to heal, as you too find ways to work towards a happier and healthier mind, body and soul.

We hope that by teaching you to live your life alongside these healing practices, you can emerge to see dramatic improvements in all areas of your life; from sleep, mood, function and pain, thus completely transforming and enhancing your quality of life. We give you the hope of a pain-free existence, alleviating symptoms and eliminating your reliability on multiple medications and biomedical practices and invasive surgeries. Our seminars are truly designed to enable you to see a breakthrough, to give you a new lease of confidence and start participating in your own life once more. 

Focusing on a range of group counselling sessions, physical therapy, yoga and nutritional information grounded in science, our retreat will provide you with the tools you need to transform the way your mind cooperates with your body alongside a team of professional medical specialists who are dedicated to helping you move towards leading a healthier life. Our owner, Simone Illi, will lead the seminar with her background of 16 years expertise of intensive self-discovery with over a decade of practical experience.

Simone’s German best-selling book, Back to the Light - Spirituality: Guide To Your Awakening is testament to her rich experience in the holistic therapy field. It explains why we are the way we are, offering you the chance to emerge out of the dark and into the light where there exists clarity and understanding of your suffering. Formed of a collection of meditations and exercises, the book seeks to guide readers on self-discovery and healing. If you are considering a Namaskar seminar trip to Cyprus, this book acts as a great background read, full of useful content in preparation for your healing journey.

Whilst we cannot highly recommend the Namaskar healing trip enough, we also work online via Skype, WhatsApp and Messenger on an international level for those both looking to garner their healing skills and those looking for methods and tools to move towards leading a pain-free life.Our spiritual teacher and coaches span the globe, including Germany, Switzerland and Austria — we are dedicated to helping you see the light and potential in your life through our amazing alternative healing methods.

Our overriding mission for you after having attended our seminar in Cyprus is to live a life that you have created, independently, self-determined and free.

We will take you one step deeper into discovering your true self, all within the tropical sublimity of Cyprus where you are permitted the freedom to soak up the sun, sea and easygoing pace of life which are fundamentally linked to taking back your life and moving towards a balanced, healthy existence."

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